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SOLD: 1978 Dodge Power Wagon $2500

Two trucks with enough parts for complete restoration of one. I have a 1978 Dodge Power Wagon, short bed 4x4 and a 1976 Dodge truck short bed with a cab and rolling chassis.

This will include all of the parts that I have for these; two engines, a 318 and a newly rebuilt 360, new floor panels, new rocker panels, and a complete new dash. I also have a replacement short bed that has been sand blasted and primed. Also included are several fenders and doors, and three of the birdbath hoods. Also included is a great replacement grill that I ordered.

The 1978 truck has factory bucket seats, factory roll bar, factory wheels, and all of the four wheel drive system works well.

Lynn told us "I have a lot of time and money invested in these truck but just don't have the time to complete the project. I would rather sell as one package, but would be willing to part them out if necessary. These trucks are not registered or driveable, I have clear titles on both." You can call Lynn at (903)624-1301.

UPDATE: The truck was sold in Denison, Texas about an hour north of Dallas.

Do you want to sell your truck? Please email me pictures along with a description of your vehicle including the price you want to get for it, and I will add it to the Dodge Truck For Sale page.

Joe Leonard 2010-08-16