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SOLD: 1974 D200 Club Cab Adventurer Sport Camper Special $2000

Randy's 1974 D200 Club Cab Camper Special has a rebuilt 360 with a Holley 2 barrel. He originally wanted to restore it since all numbers match. He has rebuilt the engine with everything new except the crankshaft. The truck has 9,570 original miles on it. He rebuilt the engine because a lifter went bad and ruined a rocker arm and a push rod. Randy installed a comp cam with a 256/268 duration and a 447/455 lift, new belts, carb has been rebuilt, but there is something wrong with it. All the lights work except the dash lights. It has a new fuel tank, new master cylinder and booster, new wiper motor, new battery, new brakes in front with new wheel bearings. It also has a new water pump, new Clowes double roller timing chain and gears. The tranny was rebuilt 10 years ago along with the rear end.

It needs a brake light switch and a new windshield and seal. It also needs a new dimmer switch. It's not the best looking truck as it sat from 1999 until 2009 when Randy got truck. Randy has invested over $3500 into the truck so far.

This truck has been in Randy's family since it was new. His grandfather bought the truck new from Bluffs Dodge in Council Bluffs, Iowa in 1974 and Randy inherited it in 1981 when his grandfather passed away.

Since October 2009 Randy has been trying to restore it a little at a time, but because he is on disability now, he really can't afford to put any more money into it. Randy is asking $2000.

UPDATE: The truck was sold in Elliott, Iowa.

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Joe Leonard 2010-08-16