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SOLD: 1962 Dodge W100 Power Wagon

This truck is a 1962 Dodge W100 Power Wagon that is in great shape and runs super. In 1962 they only made a total of 787 W100's. This is one of only 297 W100 trucks Dodge made with the V-8 in 1962. It's the original sweptline short bed (6.5 feet) and stands real nice. The short wheel base sweptline is my favorite. It has the original 318 in it and the odometer reads 61,851 miles. I believe this is accurate, but I have no way of knowing for sure. I believe it's accurate because the truck sat for a long time before I bought it in 1999. I do know that the speedometer and Odometer have always worked since I have owned it. I bought the truck from the son of the original owner in 1999. It was still registered in his father's name. His father had passed away, unfortunately from Cancer and he was selling it. The truck was originally a Texas truck. It sat for years in a very arid dry climate and came to me very solid and almost completely rust-free. I do have old pictures from when I first bought the truck, so you can see the truck was very clean from the beginning. When I bought it, I was told that the engine was rebuilt, but it had been sitting for awhile. In 1999, I purchased a brand new OEM gas tank, new gas lines, put on a new 4 barrel carb and was able to find a correct 4 barrel intake for the 318, points and condenser. (I still have the correct 2 barrel carb and intake for the truck if you are a purist.) I powder coated the steel rims. I re-arched the leaf springs to stock and put on new factory style shocks. I went through the brakes and started paying attention to some of the details. By the way the truck ran and runs I would say that the engine has had work done on it at some point. This is a very strong running truck and reliable too. Unfortunately, a few years later I went through a divorce and I sold the truck to my friend in the mountains. He added a new 4 barrel Edelbrock AFB Carb, tinkered with other little items and drove the truck on deep snow days. I would say he put about 8,000 miles on it over a 6 year period. I ended up buying the truck back from him and finished doing everything I had planned on doing. So in reality, I am the 2nd and the 4th owner.

In the last few years this is what I have done:

I removed the old carpet and under it was a rust proofing that the original owner must have put on a long time ago. The floors looked great including the cab mounts. The original owner did do some work on the floors by welding in some metal patches for repair prior to putting on the rust proof. It was nothing major and he did a great job. After removing the old rust proof to insure I didn't see any issues I had the cab floor re-sprayed with rustproof to prevent future problems. I also had the inner fender wells sprayed to prevent any future rust issues there as well. I did take the seat out and had it completely redone. New Padding and re-covered with fresh factory style stitching. I also put new carpet over the new rust proofing on the floor for sound purposes. The truck bed had some small drilled holes in the top of the bed rail where it held a camper shell. I had all the little holes and areas welded up. Once I knew the bed was solid, I rust proofed the bed inside. The truck never any rust in the fenders and the rockers were solid too. One small area on the passenger side rocker needed some small rust repair and under the passenger and driver door but that was it. The truck has a new correct windshield, new weather stripping on the doors as well as new rubber for the front windshield and rear glass, new window channel runs, new lens covers front and rear, (I still have the old originals and they are in good shape), new tailgate chains, new fuel cap and fuel tank grommet and other quality parts like new slave cylinder for the clutch and more. I also re-did the whole drive line from back to front. The splines in the drive shafts were just recently redone. New joints, new bearings, and more. I have receipts for just about everything over the years as well as multiple boxes of extra parts. I have a bunch of parts I got from the original owner as well. I have extra OEM in the box joints for the axles, bearing kits etc. I have the original 2 barrel carb and 2 barrel intake which are in good shape. I have an original style larger rectangular mirror head if you don't like the small original round mirrors. I have an extra new ring and pinion for the Dana 44 front. I have more extra stuff large and small that is not currently needed for the truck but is correct to the truck and will go with it. The buyer will be responsible for the shipping of parts if the truck is shipped. The truck also comes with a full sized service manual.

The truck is complete and running great. It doesn't smoke or burn any oil and pulls hard. There is no rust on the truck. The last thing I did was have it re-painted in its original red color and they did a pretty good job with it, but it does show some flaws. It's not a show quality paint job and it's not a show truck, but I am sure it is one of the nicest 1962 W100's you can find out there. I use it as a driver and as a light duty truck. It doesn't get abused at all, but this is not a flawless trailer queen. It's a truck and I use it from time to time to do small jobs. I do much less with it than it's capable of. It doesn't need anything but a new home. If you choose to drive it home, I am confident you won't have any issues. Just bring your gas card and a radio. The truck has 8 lug axles. Dana 60 rear and a Dana 44 front. The 318 V-8 is backed up by a NP420 4 speed with a two speed New Process 201 transfer case. The truck has factory Warn locking hubs. The tires are Peerless Force 4 AT tires with more than half their life left on them.

For the Dodge Power Wagon Enthusiast, the following items are not stock:

The seat belts are an added item that are not from the factory. The front bumper on the truck is not stock. I don't have the original bumper as it did not come with the truck when I bought it. However, you can purchase a new one from Vintage Power Wagons online if your wish is to have a completely factory looking truck. The existing bumper is set-up with welded brackets. I think that was to hold a winch but I'm not sure. It's very heavy duty and I personally love the look. The original owner did have a winch on it, but the winch did not come with the truck when I bought it. I do have a picture of the original owner standing next to the truck in the 70's with the huge winch mounted on the truck. This picture will be part of the sale as well. When I got the truck, the horn was wired to a spring loaded metal toggle switch on the dash. I never took the time to re-wire it to the center cap in the steering wheel. The horn works from the toggle switch. There are also gauges in the dash that are not factory that were in the truck when I first bought it. They are period correct glass gauges, so I left them in place. One is an hour gauge that is not hooked up, one is a mechanical temp gauge that is working correctly, one is an oil pressure gauge that is working and shows great pressure and one is an ampere gauge that is not hooked up. All the gauges in the factory instrument panel work with the exception of the temperature gauge. I tested the temperature gauge and I know the gauge is good (and I have an extra gauge anyway) but I think I have the wrong temperature sending unit in the block. I purchased the correct one but I haven't put it in. The mechanical temperature gauge in the dash works great so you do have an accurate reading without putting in the new sending unit. The new in the box temperature sending unit will go with the truck. There is an extra interior light that was added to the inside of the cab. It's not stock and doesn't work and I have never looked into it.

All the factory lights and gauges work as they should including the original push button lighter. The heater works great and the blowers work, but the heater core can now be opened or closed manually by a valve in the line under the hood.

The truck does have good correct sun visors, rear view mirror and side view mirrors on the doors which really make the truck look nice. The doors are solid and straight and it has the old school factory refrigerator style handles. They close as they should and there is no play in the hinges.

I have taken many pictures inside and out as well as underneath to show you the truck. If you have any requests for more photos or different photos please don't hesitate to ask. I have extra photos that have already been taken that I can send to your e-mail. Just ask and I will send them over. I'm selling this truck for the extra money. I have had my fun with it and I am considering other projects. However, I don't need to sell it. I will always be able to make use of it in the winter months during big Colorado snow days or when I need to use it as a truck. If you are looking for a rare, vintage truck that is tougher than just about everything out there and can be used, this is your truck. It's a 48 year old truck, so if you don't abuse it and keep it in good shape you won't lose any money over time. For those who are unfamiliar with the Vintage Dodge Power Wagons, they are a fairly large pick up truck. This is truly a rare find. There are not many 1962 W100 V-8 Short bed trucks out there. If you are in Colorado, please feel free to come and take a drive. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. This is a no reserve auction so the highest bidder gets the truck. Please only bid if you are serious. If the truck only gets a handful of bids, someone is going to get a great deal. Thanks for looking and have a great day.

UPDATE: The truck was sold in in Denver, CO.

Do you want to sell your truck? Please email me pictures along with a description of your vehicle including the price you want to get for it, and I will add it to the Dodge Truck For Sale page.

Joe Leonard 2010-06-12