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For Sale: 1969-1974 Dodge D800 LCF Cummins - Fenders & Hood

UPDATE (April 2013): The cab has been sold but the fenders and hood are still available.

1969-1974 (not sure of the year but it is single headlight) Dodge D800 LCF Cummins V-8 or V-6 (not sure which)dual rear differential. This rare rust free truck was a fuel tanker on an Air Force base. It has low mileage and is unmolested, nothing but the emblems and the fuel tank have been removed. The front bumper is bent and the passenger side headlight is broken. The drivers side seat is worn. This truck is way too clean and nice to crush.

We would like to see as much of the truck as possible saved. LCF's are rare and ones in this condition are impossible to find.

If interested contact Joe at Mopar Truck Parts by email: or by phone at 530 554-4528. The body parts are in Shingle Springs, CA.

Do you want to sell your truck? Please email me pictures along with a description of your vehicle including the price you want to get for it, and I will add it to the Dodge Truck For Sale page.

Joe Leonard 2013-04-08